Painter Lucy Yanagida to Display at Sandhills Visitor Center in Broken Bow

lucy-yagnidaLucy Yanagida will be displaying her work at the Sandhills Visitor Center in Broken Bow during the Follow the Rails Art Trail October 14 -16. ¬†Lucy’s husband is grew up in Broken Bow area. ¬†Lucy recently studied the Sandhills and painted this picture.

Lucy Yanagida biography:

Lucy Yanagida is a landscape and wildlife artist living in the beautiful foothills of Superior, Colorado. Her subject matter is often influenced by the abundant wildlife within steps of her back door.

She earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree with emphasis in art history during her college years in Louisiana. Later, she returned to school and earned an Associate Degree in graphic design and enjoyed working in that industry until she became a mother. Recently, Lucy has taken her skills to a much higher level. In the last two years, she has taken numerous workshops and classes from some of the top-rated painters in Colorado such as, Jill Soukup, Dave Santillanes, Marc Hanson, and William Scott Jennings. Her ongoing mentorship with wildlife painter, Edward Aldrich, is truly inspiring and very educational.
Being among a great community of artists within this beautiful state of Colorado inspires Lucy to share her passion for helping others understand the priceless landscape and its ever-vanishing wildlife.

Lucy is also thankful for the opportunity her son has to witness the victories and struggles that she encounters in her studio and the importance his parents put on getting out into nature. It is a great source of inspiration and healing. She hopes that it will continue to be one that he and others will deeply care