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The Sandhills are rich with history.  History hidden and not uncovered without a professional guide.  The Sandills Journey Scenic Byway works to share the incredible history of the Sandhills.  The van tour developed by the Byway and directed by Bill Burdett will give you and insight into Sandhills history the average traveler will never find.  Join the tour and see history you never knew existed.

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From Bill Burdett, the tour guide.

Art is the focus of this trip, and much of that art was conceived by the history of the Great Platte River Valley, the multiple other smaller, meandering river valleys that join it hundreds of miles to the east, and the Sandhills. We’ll have the fortune to stop at historical markers that will provide us glimpses into the past when this land was being settled, and we’ll be carried back in time as we view vivid, in-depth, we’ll-sense-we’re-there treasures in several museums

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